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I engaged Mariam as a cultural advisor prior to attending a speaking engagement in the MENA region. I was deeply impressed by Mariam’s cultural knowledge and even more-so by her ability to communicate this knowledge in a way that was accessible, useful and responsive to my requirements. She was gracious and patient in her manner and ensured that I felt prepared and confident well in advance of my travel date.
Nicole Stephensen
Privacy Expert

Arabic Language Course

Unlock the Beauty of the Arabic Language with Our Arabic Course!

Welcome to Middle East Connect & Cultural Advisors’ comprehensive guide to learning Arabic! Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your Arabic skills, our Arabic language courses are vital to mastering this rich and captivating language.

We have experts in Arabic courses for business, government staff, diplomatic postings and individuals. Our Arabic language educators are qualified teachers and NAATI certified translators who have gained experience through their employment in the Middle East, United Arab Emirates and Australia.

Dive into our expertly curated lessons, cultural insights, and language tips and embark on a journey through the heart of the Middle East. Start your Arabic learning adventure with us today and connect with this fascinating region’s heritage, history, and people.

We offer intensive short Arabic courses (6 weeks) or long-term courses.

  • Courses can cover both dialects and Modern Standard Arabic to allow the student to converse in various settings and read and write.
  • Our online Arabic courses cover the basic skills to enable the student to meet and greet, respond appropriately to some requests and handle basic day-to-day activities using the Arabic language.
  • We offer longer-term options for those who want to learn Arabic language and grammar more deeply.
  • All our Arabic courses are run on an on-demand basis.

What to Expect from Our Arabic Course Online

Structured Lessons

From the basics of Arabic script to advanced grammar and vocabulary, our step-by-step lessons cater to learners of all levels.

Interactive Resources

Practise your Arabic with interactive quizzes, exercises, and audio clips to boost your speaking and listening skills.

Cross Cultural Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of the Arabic-speaking world through articles on traditions, history, and travel tips.


Connect with fellow learners, share experiences, and seek advice in our vibrant online community dedicated to Arabic enthusiasts.

Our Cross-Cultural Awareness Services

Understanding the intricate web of cultures and traditions that make up the Middle East is vital to successful interactions and business ventures. Middle East Connect provides comprehensive cross-cultural awareness services that include:

Cultural Training Workshops

Our team of experts will guide you through the nuances of Middle Eastern culture, helping you grasp the do’s and don’ts, social etiquette, and the values that drive this vibrant region.

Country-Specific Briefings

Each country in the Middle East has its unique cultural norms. We offer in-depth briefings on the particular customs and expectations of the nation you are engaging with.

Business Protocol Guidance

For those seeking to establish business relationships, our experts will provide you with insights into Middle Eastern business practices, negotiation strategies, and communication styles.

Our Arabic Translation Services

Arabic is the primary language in the Middle East, and effective communication is only possible with accurate translation. Middle East Connect’s Arabic translation services are your gateway to clear, reliable, and culturally sensitive communication.

Why Enrol in Our Arabic Language Course?

Expert Guidance

Our experienced language instructors provide clear and concise explanations to make learning Arabic accessible and enjoyable.

Flexible Learning

Whether you’re a student, traveller, or simply passionate about languages, our resources fit your schedule and goals.

Join Us on Your Arabic Learning Journey

Unlock the doors to a world of opportunity, culture, and connection by learning Arabic with Middle East Connect. Begin your journey today and discover the beauty and depth of this captivating language. Your connection to the Middle East starts with our speaking Arabic course and translation services in Brisbane.

For more information please email info@middleeastconnect.com.au or call Mariam Elliott on 0438 884 417